Šport na Bielej

Moja sister loves skiing. It was a former priateľ Ju to this priviedol, Pretoit skated very good. Vďaka Nemu SA learned it and began to work together on small and Veľká zjazdovky. O Vianociach boli AJ S Partiou Kamarátov in Rakúsku, where the Majú perfect Zjazdovka pre-Beginocalkov and advanced. We had a nice stay in the small and clean. Predsa Len is there viac Snehu Ako last years with us.
Equipment required
Before they had been hurt, they needed to be kicked. Okrem ate needed to wear skis. They were preto in the shop to choose thermal underwear, trousers and jacket. Also, the merchant is our Niekoľko. Nakoniec Nakúpili at the craft, where Mali in the same time the action of the Ponu. I have to take the head of the jacket, Cho you cure, Bola only nice.

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- 4. 5. 2019