Delegate, evaluate, communicate

A good manager must govern the natural authority and ability to lead people. It's going to be said, but it's harder to do it. Everyone can't do it. A good manager must be able to communicate with different people, must be empathetic, be able to delegate tasks, must think strategically. The processes the manager must be able to do is a huge amount that many capable employees discourage managerial positions. When they imagine that they should improve their performance by evaluating workers, they go to their knees because they can't even imagine it, let alone perform it.
Whoever fears is responsible
But those who doubt their abilities and demand a cooling-off after the offer of the managerial site are the ones who are thinking and choosing all for and against, why not accept or accept the offer. They think responsibly. And those who think about the position of higher management belong. What is not possible can be obtained as a learned skill, and what is inherent to them and natural, fills the surface with everyday employment. Don't be afraid of your abilities! If someone has made you an offer, he knew why!

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- 4. 5. 2019