Classic Source Light

For example, 70% of the respondents Nevie, Cho means the letter "K" on the packaging and Len about the Niečo better plan on it, so the knowledge of the term Lumen. Tok Svetla Unknown 62% respondents. Ide, we choose the source of Osvetlenia for basic data. The Mark 2 700 K on the packaging means that the ice-girder is the heat of the Biel of the Farbu, and thus recorded the light of the classical Druja.
Suitable Orientácia
However, the niektorí of the producer and the heat of the Biel indicate the values 3 000 to the Alor Rozpätie 2 000-3 000 k, it is advisable to make the Orient. Lumen refers to a light stream, and today in the substate of the Skoršie is marked by the Wattoch. Zrejme Preto 67% of us buys products Ako is a LED žiar in špecialized Obchodoch and E-Shopoch, where we have a proberom poradia. This is compared To the last year 32% of Veľký Nárast.

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- 4. 5. 2019